Triumph Therapeutics is a treasure! They provide an exceptional and unique level of care, quality, and engaging atmosphere for children. Highlights include the fun factory gym, the convivial receptionist Ivan, the amazing therapists from different disciplines, and the CEO Omololu who has so much passion for helping our community’s children grow and succeed. What also impresses me about this office is its youthful character and design, which kids absolutely love. This isn’t your typical stuffy doctor’s office! Highly recommended and I really admire the service they are providing to young people in the DMV area.


My son is five and he loves coming here. Anytime we tell him we are going to Triumph- he runs to grab his shoes and heads towards the door. After therapy I get a good breakdown of my son’s progress and how I can help at home so we provide him support from all fronts. The location is in a really nice area with ample parking and the office is a gorgeous and has relaxing environment. As a parent who has a son on the autism spectrum – having a chance to relax while we are in session is a blessing. We will definitely be staying with this OT provider for a very long time.


I had a good feeling about Triumph from the start. The staff was friendly and interested in welcoming my daughter and making things work. The first visit was a surprise because the space was really fun and designed as a play space complete with two climbing walls and therapeutic swings and monkey bars, toys and more toys. We call it the Play Place now and my kid asks when she gets to go. She doesn’t want to leave after any session because it’s so much fun. Both the OT and Speech Therapist provide hours that are great including Saturday Speech Therapy. The owner is really passionate about what he’s doing and has a vision of helping people beyond our borders. Finding a place for help that your kid wants to go to and doesn’t want to leave because it’s so much fun is an absolute win. Thank you Triumph for the victories and progress as our care team.


My two boys and I love everything about Triumph Therapy Pediatric Center! Mr. Omololu is very knowledgeable, patient, and gentle when administering various therapeutic techniques, and the space is extremely child friendly, especially for my youngest son who just began walking. In addition, Dr. Falcon, the Physical Therapist, took the time to explain all the various pieces of equipment and assessments used during each session. What a blessing it is to have Triumph Therapy Pediatric Center right here in the Spring Valley area!


As a new parent, Triumph Therapeutics has been amazing in helping my son with his torticollis. Laura has been so patient with my 4 month old son with all his stretching and exercises because 4 month olds are not the most cooperative! The space is super colorful and has so much for the kids to interact with! They take COVID protocols very seriously and keep everything super clean between patients. Ivan is very welcoming at the front desk and super responsive on the phone or email when scheduling changes need to be made (again babies make things unpredictable!). Definitely recommend for infant/pediatric physical therapy!!


We found Triumph per our pediatrician recommendation. Our visits experiences so far have been nothing but great. The staff is friendly, attentive and have always responded (via phone and email) promptly. The office facility is full of innovative tools and toys to keep the little ones entertained while exercising. Dr Erica Law is our PT and we love her. She is professional, knowledgeable and educate us during every session to keep helping our baby thrive (she has torticollis). She also follows us and makes sure we stay on track with the exercises. We definitely recommend Triumph Therapeutics!


My son loves going to OT at Triumph! This place is awesome and as the owner said he made it a place kids would not want to leave. He succeeded. My son runs here on Friday afternoon for his sessions. It is a wonderfully welcoming place for all families and Sam is always finding ways to engage my son and make it fun and challenging for him. If you are looking for a place that is child focused and cooperative this is the place.


Triumph pediatrics is a great place for autistic kids and kids with special needs. My son runs full speed ahead as soon as he turns the corner, he loves his therapist Ms Samantha and my wife and I love her, Mr Ivan and the rest of the staff. They are child centered and work so hard to make sure that my son’s needs are met without resorting to problematic tactics. I can’t recommend this place enough.


Simply extraordinary. The staff are terrific, the facility is wonderful, and everything about Triumph is top-notch. Our daughter has worked with most of the therapists here—including both physical and occupational therapists—and has had an outstanding experience. Not only has she made great strides, but she also absolutely loves it, as going to PT/OT is always a highlight of her week


Love love love Ms Samantha and the rest of the team. The best review comes from my three year old who runs and squeals when understands where we’re going.


We couldn’t say enough great things about Triumph Therapeutics! After just a few sessions Laura got our son “ back on track” with his gross motor skills. The facility is really like a play zone! In addition to the weekly sessions we were given great suggestions to continue our “training” at home. The entire Triumph team is wonderful, communicative and extremely supportive! I cannot recommend them enough.