Let’s Talk About Mobility Aids

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Let’s Talk About Mobility Aids | Triumph Therapeutics | Physical Therapy in Washington DC

What Is A Mobility Aid?

Mobility aids are devices created to help anyone who is experiencing impaired mobility with walking, standing, sitting, and other movements.

These devices are meant to support every day movement and reduce pain and unnecessary stress on the body caused by any number of conditions.

Mobility aids can also can help children to build belief in themselves as they explore movement, and this confidence in self can have a major impact on their overall wellbeing and many areas of their lives.

If you’re looking for a Washington DC pediatric therapy clinic to assist you with the process of considering a mobility aid for your child or teen, Triumph Therapeutics is here to help.

Types Of Mobility Aids For Children

In our opinion, knowing what types of mobility aids are available can be a helpful place to start.

There are many options, each with their own benefits and limitations.

Adaptive Strollers

An adaptive stroller is a stroller that provides added support for the trunk or head and is designed for children ages three years old and up.

These devices can be a lighter alternative to wheelchairs and are ideal for short outings or settings where a less bulky mobility aid might be preferable.

Forearm Crutches

Forearm crutches are designed to offer support to the forearms, which helps with both standing and walking.

These devices are ideal for anyone ages eight and up who are able to walk on their own, but who may also have problems with balance.

By helping the user to save energy while moving around, forearm crutches offer additional support to children or teens who may exhaust themselves quite easily while getting around.


Wheelchairs are supportive transportation chairs are ideal for children over the age of five years old who have issues with walking.

These devices provide support to the body, and so they are best custom fit to each user.

Wheelchairs are a great option for school aged children engaging in any number of activities but who need to remain seated for lengths of time

Beyond providing a supportive seat, wheelchairs are a way to get around.

Children using wheelchairs can be assisted and pushed from behind or they can operate the chair themselves by pushing the wheels of the chair with their hands and arms.

This flexibility offers both independence and as needed support to the user.

types of mobility aids available for your child | Triumph Therapeutics | Physical Therapy in Washington DC

Motorized Wheelchairs

Like manual wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs are a means of self-directed transportation for children over the age of five who may have difficulties with walking.

These devices are best for children or teens who can intentionally move their hands or head, take safety measures, and understand and follow directions.

Motorized wheelchairs use an electric motor rather than manual push power to operate.

Because of this, they can be better option for day to day transportation, particularly in situations where longer-distance movement is required for sustained periods of time.

Motorized wheelchairs are also a great option for those who might not have the motor function or strength to operate a manual wheelchair, but still require the function they offer.

Gait Trainer

Gait trainers support children who need assistance with walking and strengthening the muscles in their legs.

These devices are a great alternative for children or teens who want to walk, but who need more support than a walker can provide.

Gait trainers are excellent choices for both use in school and therapy settings.

If your child needs help with walking and is able to place weight upon their legs, hold their head up on their own, and sit without much support, they might benefit from the use of gait trainer.

Orthotic Leg Braces

Orthotic Leg Braces (also known as Orthoses) are designed to provide support to the foot and ankle, keeping them in the ideal position for sitting, standing, and walking.

Children with weak ankles or weak feet, or who may have rigidity (high muscle tone) in their lower limbs may find benefits from wearing orthotic leg braces.


Walkers can assist children who have balance issues or weakness in their legs to walk with more ease and support.

These devices are ideal for those struggling with walking, but who are able to put weight on their legs and walk with some help.

If your child is two or three years old and able to walk with handheld assistance, they will likely benefit from the use of a walker.

Does Your Child Need a Mobility Aid?

How can you know for sure if your child needs a mobility aid?

And which aid is right for your child or teen’s specific needs?

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