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Billing Administrator

Originally from Florida, Ivan Hall brings his wealth of experience and expertise to the healthcare industry. Having served in various healthcare roles over the years, including neonatal intensive care, general family practice, sports medicine physical therapy, fertility billing and coding, health/life insurance, family planning, and dialysis, Ivan’s diverse background has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Now, as a dedicated member of Triumph Therapeutics, Ivan is determined to contribute to the exponential growth of the company. He firmly believes that Triumph is not only a remarkable place for the present but also holds immense potential for future generations.

Ivan’s creative spirit and forward-thinking mindset make him an invaluable asset in shaping the company’s vision and ensuring its continued success. Ivan’s love for being creative and his keen eye for design allow him to bring a unique touch to Triumph Therapeutics. He utilizes his creative vision to execute different themes for Triumph’s lobby, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere for clients and staff alike.

Ivan’s unwavering commitment to the healthcare industry, combined with his passion for creativity and love for fashion, make him a dynamic and influential member of the Triumph team. He strives to contribute to the company’s growth and provide exceptional care for future generations.


Enjoys patronizing the arts and cultivating street wear fashion for the non-binary culture.


Top 3 Favorite Things:

  • Fur Babies
  • Brunch
  • Home Goods / TJMaxx


  • English


“Even when I don’t command it, doors open for me”
– Ivan Hall, Real Housewives tagline

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