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Demetria Bright
Occupational Therapist Assistant
With Triumph since: 2024


Demetria Bright is a dedicated pediatric occupational therapy assistant with over five years of experience. She earned her Associate of Applied Science degree from Trinity Washington University in 2014, laying a solid foundation for her career. Demetria’s passion for helping neurodiverse children flourish led her to work in Prince George’s County Public Schools and as a Developmental Therapist with DC Strong Start.

Specializing in feeding therapy, she approaches each intervention with creativity and empathy, tailoring her approach to each child’s unique needs. Known for her innovative problem-solving and client-centered care, Demetria fosters wellness and engagement in daily activities. She forms deep connections with families, providing unwavering support on their journey towards growth and development. Demetria’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and empowerment through occupational therapy serves as an inspiration to all who work alongside her, illuminating the path towards brighter futures for children and families alike.



  • English

Fun Fact:
Demetria is on a journey to master the French language, with dreams of immersing herself in the enchanting streets of Paris for a year.

Top 3 Favorite Things:

  • Dancing, specializes in tap
  • Reading newbooks
  • Running

Favorite Quote:

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
– Toni Morrison

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