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Bailee Hall

Bailee Hall
With Triumph since: 2023


Bailee is Triumph’s resident pet therapist. Here to teach us that the value of love and loyalty come through nonverbal appreciation, not just words. Bailee is one of the third generation Blanches’ Babies, a renowned Shih Tzu family in the DMV area. Born December 18 2022 with 4 brothers (Bandit, Besito, Bruce, and Bubbah), Bailee hopes to become a leader of her pack as an Emotional Support Animal and Therapy dog.
Bailee’s personal interests include, but not limited to: treats, spending hours at the dog park, belly rubs, FOOD, car rides, play time with uncle Scott and Bentley, and did we mention FOOD.


Shih tzu’s are the second closest in DNA to the ancestral wolf. Which means although extremely cute and cuddly, lazy with crazy hair. Don’t be misconstrued.


Top 3 Favorite Things:

  • Napping
  • Toys that squeak
  • Mandalorian


  • English


“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four paws”
– Unknown

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