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Clubfoot deformity is a congenital condition typically seen at birth where an infant’s foot is positioned in a twisted down and inward position. This deformity affects both the muscles and the tissue, specifically affecting the tendons of the foot. Tendons connect muscles to bone, and these tissues are shortened in clubfoot. Clubfoot deformity is also…

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Plagiocephaly refers to the condition where a baby develops a flat spot on the back or on the side of their head. This usually develops when a child sleeps in the same position for majority of the time or prefers to look towards one direction when laying on their back. There are two type of…

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Has your child has been recommended for therapy services and then asked if it was for physical or occupational therapy, but you weren’t sure? Not to worry! Physical and occupational therapy are very closely related services and sometimes complement one another. They almost have a brother and sister type of relationship. This post will discuss…