Erica is good. I mean good, good;

Our family began visiting Triumph on recommendation from our pediatrician (she raved about this place!). Admittedly, we were skeptical, frustrated, and frankly angry at the slightest suggestion that our daughter was “delayed” in any way – and to be honest, we still are, it is our sincere belief that all children come into their bodies at their own individualized time. So, we can in with a big side-eye for our first meeting with Dr. Erica Law. After meeting her for PT (pediatric physical therapy) for our then 9-month-old, we were quickly convinced of her excellence, respect for our family and daughter, care professionalism, and know-how. That is the only way we would have moved forward, if she proved herself to be excellent. And she did.

Community: Erica is good. I mean good, good; down to the bone good at what she does, such that PT almost feels like playtime for our baby girl. Receiving any news that one’s child stray from the realm of “normal” with milestone achievement and development can be jarring and it’s important to have and build community, even from the professionals. So, if you’re a new parent that’s nervous or wondering what the next steps are, listen to me: make an appointment at Triumph. Visit their beautiful, child-friendly office, chat with their amazing staff (and maybe even one of the parents in attendance) and hopefully you’ll see, like we saw, that Triumph (and especially Dr. Erica Law) is a stellar practice. Singed, a mom who wants the best for her child (and frankly all children).

Mom Anonymous