Occupational Therapist

Dr. Azad Kanan

Occupational Therapist

Azad Kanan is an occupational therapist who is specialized in school-based services, early intervention services, and parental coaching. She has 17 years of experience in the field of occupational therapy. Azad received her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from Howard University in Washington, DC.

She has been inducted in the Pi Theta Epsilon Occupational Therapy Honor Society and the Epsilon Tue Sigma Occupational Therapy Honor Society because of her exceptional academic achievements. She received the Outstanding Potential for Teaching Excellence Award from Howard University, in December 2012, because of her passion for sharing her knowledge with others in a smooth, clear, and simple way. Azad received occupational therapy training from Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Lab School.

She worked in Al-Hussein Society for Habilitation and Rehabilitation for Physically Challenged Children in Jordan and was deputy head of department in the Early Intervention Program. Also, she worked at Capital City Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Azad works with Strong Start Early Intervention Program as an early intervention provider, where she helps some families in DC during the evenings to overcome challenges with their children. She is the founder and owner of Freedom Therapeutic Solutions Inc. Azad was born in Jordan and lived there for 25 years. She moved to the USA in 2007 in her pursuit of freedom.

She is passionate about freedom since that is the meaning of her name. Her goal in life is to keep discovering the broad spectrum of freedom and help as many people as possible in the world to achieve it, whether it is by overcoming physical, mental, psychological, social, contextual, or self-limiting beliefs. Azad loves singing, dancing, swimming, riding horses, traveling, eating, and laughing. But she most passionate about connecting with human beings and getting to know them and learning from them.