DaMon Key

DaMon Key

Marketing Coordinator

DaMon is the Marketing Coordinator for Triumph Pediatric Center and a certified physical fitness trainer for the special need’s community in the DC Metropolitan Area. His focus is to promote physical fitness programs and a healthy living lifestyle for individuals in the District of Columbia.

Throughout his career he has worked with numerous diagnoses including, autism, cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, down syndrome and much more. In his free time, he enjoys reading, sports, and traveling. He loves spending time with his big family of 12 nephews and 6 nieces, a son and daughter.

DaMon holds an MBA in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science in Acquisition and Contract Management both from Strayer University. DaMon visits area Doctor’s offices, family medical practices, pediatricians’ offices, and local schools promoting brand awareness for Triumph Pediatric Center. Let us know if you would like him to come to your office.